Welcome all to P.K.S.Our mission is to offer parents and educators a variety of fun songs created for kids between the age of 4-12 years old.

PositiveKidSongs.com is dedicated to providing positive messages for kids that are fun, inspiring, motivational, and informative.We are currently working on several projects. We are excited, and eager to share with everybody the first project Fitness Fun. A collection of songs about health, nutrition, anti-bullying, and more. These original songs will have your child singing about the importance of eating healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, and respecting one another; and the importance of daily physical activity,setting goals,and working hard to accomplish their dreams. I hope that you and your kids enjoy these songs as much as i enjoyed creating them. 

Hip Hopping To The Beat.
is the spice of life;it makes things fun and exciting.I set out to create music that is not only informative but also relatable.Today's children are the product of parents that in some form or fashion have been impacted by hip hop/pop music whether directly or indirectly.The kids of today are growing up with the sounds and influences of the hip hop/pop music beat.Unfortunately, most of the music today is far too mature for children,and yet many kids know and sing every word to the most popular songs on the radio.
My mission is to create music for kids that appeal to kids,but also lyrically contain a message that has social and educational value.In other words this isn't grandmothers nursery rhymes. Our beats are funky,fun,and 100% kid friendly. 


A Family Affair.
Grown ups love the music too.I discovered this while test marking Fitness Fun.I gave more than 1300 copies of this CD to educators and kids.They love it.To my surprise the teachers talk just as much about the production as they did about the overall messages and lyrical content.One educator shared with me that "The beats are catchy and you just want to move and jive to them. Great job" 
Spend quality time with your kids while riding in the car listening to Fitness Fun singing songs that are healthy,fun,and entertaining. 


The P.K. Crew hanging out with coast kids.

Given back. Free music to Head Start students.

Given back. Free music to Head Start students.