Fitness fun is a CD and DVD set of entertaining, educational songs, animation short stories, and music videos.


* Educational: A great way to teach kids about the importance of making healthy food choices, bullying/conflict resolution, good hygienic practices, and much more.


* Fun sing-along subtitles: Sing along subtitles make it easy to learn the words to all the songs.


* Animation short stories: Unlike our competitors our songs have short stories before each that give an example of what the song is about. A great way to teach 4-5-year-olds.


*Quality Beats: Our songs were produced by an award-winning Hip-Hop producer. Using the latest sounds in popular music today.


*Strong Moral Messages: All the songs have strong moral messages and positive characters. The Positive Kids Crew a fictional music group made up of four kids. Bobby, Maria, Kenny, and Lee. The Crew dance, rap, and sing songs about bullying, the importance of daily exercise, believing in yourself and setting goals to be successful.

* 100% Original Kid Friendly Lyrics: Unlike some large competitors our songs are 100% original with subject matter created for kids with kids in mind.

Fitness Fun the CD.

positive kids crew.

FREE DOWNLOAD NOW. This Award winning knowledge based collection of fun, catchy songs for children 4-10 years old.

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