Fitness Fun focuses on physical, mental, and emotional child development. Great for pre-k - 5th grade.Strong moral messages for kids growing up in today's society. Respecting others, being polite, choosing healthy nutritious foods, good hygienic practices, getting enough exercise during playtime, and more.

What makes Fitness Fun unique?

Fitness Fun's "short stories" are visual and auditory learning tools, here is what I mean. Beautiful Day is a "short story" starting out with a kid named Steven visiting his best friend Bobby. Bobby's father asks Steven to encourage his son to turn off the video game and go with him outside to play. The short story is followed by the fun upbeat song Beautiful Day Let's Go Outside And Play. The short stories can be a great way to start a conversation about bullying, hygiene, why physical exercise is important, and the different types of foods that are good for us and practicing moderation. 

Free Streaming!

Hey, parents, you can now stream Fitness Fun. Watch all the videos in high quality 1080 HD at any time, anywhere. No subscription fees, No signing an email list. 

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My mission is to continually create knowledge-based entertainment for kids 4-10 years old. I create all the content myself and maintain the day to day business operation as well. It can be challenging at times but this is what I love to do. I know it's my calling, but maintaining this website coast, I could sure use your help, PLEASE DONATE whatever you can. Donations will help me to continue bringing the kids new songs and animations in 2020.

Thank you kindly,

C.G. Lewis

creator of Positive Kid Songs LLC.

Original songs, animation short stories and music videos. With positive messages about health & nutrition, bullying, building positive self esteem, and more.

Original songs, animation short stories and music videos. With positive messages about health & nutrition, bullying, building positive self esteem, and more.


Carl Gayden Lewis is the owner and operator of Positive Kids Songs LLC. A children media production company. Located in Gulfport, Ms.

Since 2014 Mr. Lewis has worked endlessly creating knowledge-based entertainment for America’s youth.

Fitness Fun a collection of animated short stories and songs loaded with strong moral messages.

The importance of daily physical activity, bullying, nutrition, believing in yourself and more.

Has garnered acknowledgment from the prestigious Parents’ Choice Award Foundation.

Fitness Fun has also received the attention of several newspapers around the country, and local news station as well.

A true advocate for kids, Mr. Lewis company has sponsored school supplies and backpacks to coast kids and Biloxi’s Mayor Andrew  Gilitch

recognized his companies efforts in the community awarding Positive Kids Songs The city’s Certificate Of Appreciation.

Mr. Lewis began his career as a Speaker in 2015. Speaking to schools, youth organizations, and adults.

Mr. Lewis’s 20 years in the music industry have afforded him a unique insight and understanding of the powerful impact

that music has on shaping American culture.  He shares experiences and cautionary stories of what happens when Impressionable minds

are shaped by overconsumption and negative messages in music.