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         MISSION: To Inspire, Motivate, Entertain, Educate.
              My name is C. Lewis.

I'm an independent  music producer with more than 20 years experience. I started Positive Kids Songs LLC. because I noticed a lack of positive messages in entertainment for children. I'm offering parents music to  trust and kids will love fun, exciting, and contains messages that celebrate good values, making wise decisions,and developing healthy minds.
Fitness Fun is my first children songs project, and I'm pleased that the Parents' Choice Award Foundation recognized it.
I hope that my songs, animation short stories, and music videos, will  have a positive impact  in the lives of our youth. If you are an organization working with kids.I would love to come to your city and share our mission with the kids, parents, teachers, and anyone else that is concerned about the future of our kids. Please take a minute and leave a message, and thanks for stopping by the website.